Heidi Yssennagger

Studio Practice - 'I' Abject series 2008

These images show me busy working on my 'I', Abject, series, which was largely inspired by my experiences with the Chronic bowel condition known as Crohn's disease, as well as the well known writing of Julia Kristeve, in her 'Powers of Horror' and Lynda Neads 'The female Nude, Art, Obscenity and sexuality'.

The 'I', Abject paintings depict various figures undergoing some of the tortuous processes of disease and medical inspection. They show dangerously emaciated bodies vomiting and invuluntarily excreting. This is the abjection of illness in its most explicit form: it is the casting out of bodily fluids but it is also the wretched and humiliating state of the body being servile to it's disease, its 'other'.    Jon Law