Heidi Yssennagger

See Heidi on 'The Secret Lives of Women's Health' April 20th, 2010, Sky Real Lives - http://reallives.sky.com/heidi-yssennager-on-crohns-disease, where she will openly discuss the reality of living with Crohn's disease and an Ileostomy.



An innovative partnership formed at The Community Pharmacy Gallery in Margate this week, when Artist, Heidi Yssennagger, collaborated with Equality & Diversity worker, Sheree Bell, to run a women’s workshop.

The theme of the workshop was ‘The emotional and mental impact of ill health and surgery’ and using Heidi’s provocative and beautiful images the participants engaged in discussion around their personal experiences, the treatment they experienced whilst ill and the improvements that can be made for women in the health & social care system.

Workshop leader, Sheree Bell, employed in the Equality and Diversity team at Kent & Medway Partnership Trust, said:

“I was keen to work with Heidi and use her art as inspiration for discussion. Her images helped women to get in touch with their experiences and our discussion took us to look at the human rights issues involved in supporting women into recovery and wellbeing. Every woman in the group had an interesting story to share. ”

The workshop was attended by 14 women from all walks of life and information and views shared by the participants will be used to shape the future of health and social care services at Kent & Medway Partnership Trust.

The artist behind the ground breaking exhibition ‘Abreaction’ which has been described by critics as both challenging and captivating, Heidi Yssennagger, from Ashford, said:

“The intention of the exhibition, was to provoke discussions about women and ill health, so in terms of success, I couldn’t have asked for more.” Heidi is hoping to develop this work shop further with Sheree Bell in the future, and plans to take the ‘Abreaction’ exhibition to London in the coming year.

To see more of Heidi’s work please visit www.heidiyssennagger.co.uk

Sheree Bell can be contacted on sheree.bell@kmpt.nhs.uk / 07949 037 401.